Daily Dose

I've been behind on my sketching and posting. I had a lot going on this week. I recently got a job at Cinematico, Inc. in San Francisco and I couldn't be happier.

So here you go.....some sketches.
I was talking to one of my buddies, and he gave me this idea. He wanted to see somebody's eye brows get slapped off. This would be an awesome power to have, nobody would want to mess with you. One slap, and, BOOM, no eye brows. When I get some spare time, I'm planning to animated this in 2D, which would be really fun to do.

This sketch was done after I found out that I got a job as an animator at Cinematico, Inc. I wanted scream, "WOO!" and "YEAH!", all the way home, but instead I controlled myself and drew up a sketch.

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