I started my last quarter of school last week and I'm currently taking Advanced Character Animation. Here are my sketches for the piece that I'm working on. I'm going through the planning stage of my animation. On top of this, I'm also looking at reference videos. Such as, professional baseball pitchers and how to videos. Not everything is found on the internet...I wanted the character to fall in a specific way. I had to take reference footage of myself to figure out the mechanics of how this particular character was going to fall. From there, I sketched out some addition poses and tried pushing them on paper and once again in the computer. Reference video is JUST reference. Animation is all about pushing some, if not all, the subtlities of reality.

Once I got my sketches laid out, I started to block this out in Maya. Once I got something that conveyed the message, I went back to make sure that the silhouette read. Then I would try to push some of the poses a bit further. Here is my first round of blocking. There is still a lot of reworking of the poses and timing, but this is something for critique...

More progress to come.