Pitching: Critique

So here is the critique I got from my instructor, Jeff Paul, and my fellow classmates.

- The ball comes back too fast, we need to see the reaction of the pitcher for about 17 to 24 frames.
- The left foot is off when he falls.
- Check the pose after he throws the ball.
- The foot is off after the release.
- I need to decide how the feet are going to be when he falls.
- The camera distorts the animation, to fix this I need to change the focal length on the camera to 50.
- The ball needs to go lower, right now its to high for the release.
- I also need to reframe so it doesnt feel cramped on screen right.
- The silhouette needs some tweaking when he gets hit, his right arm needs to be moved up a bit more.
- When the pitcher is on the ground, his legs are looking awkward.
- The arms need to trail a bit as he falls.
- Some poses need to be push a bit further.
- The back foot doesn't go up until after the ball is released.
- Check the twisting of the torso.

With this critique, I'll make my animation more believable and balanced. I need to go back to my reference and really study it.

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